Whilst researching Morgan three-wheeler history, I met a like minded enthusiast named Dennis Rushton at a Morgan Three Wheeler Club group meeting. We decided to research together, the eventual aim being a book covering the story of the Morgan three-wheeler throughout its production period (1909 to 1952), telling the story particularly from a motor sport viewpoint.

In this way it would fit in neatly with previously published books without conflicting with their mainly "catalogue" type format. We also both believed that the Morgan three-wheeler had been turned into a formidable sporting machine from its original humble beginnings and that this story must be told.

During the research we interviewed or contacted over sixty Morgan three-wheeler drivers, tuners, enthusiasts or companies involved with three-wheeler production.

Included in the drivers we visited were several particularly important tuners and racers such as Harold Beart, Ronnie Horton, Robin Jackson, Clive Lones, Gordon McMinnies and of course Gwenda Hawkes (who has the distinction of achieving the fastest ever recorded pre-war speed for a Morgan three-wheeler of 115.66mph in 1930).

We chose to name our book " Morgan Sweeps The Board " after the heading of a Morgan advertisement used in the 1920s, and it was published initially by Gentry Books in 1978.

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