Jannsen PCA machine

The Jannsen PCA machine in the museum is the final model of a series of developments between Jannsen Scientific Instruments, Beerse in Belgium and the University Department of Anaesthesia in Newcastle. This particular machine had a 10ml syringe under the perspex cover on the left with a 3-way tap below it. The machine could dispense analgesics from the syringe by (a) patient-demand, (b) by simple fixed infusion, (c) a combination of these two, or (d) an adaptive infusion with patient-controlled bolus doses. The latter mode gave a background infusion which was increased or decreased according to the rate of button pressing for bolus doses. The 3-way tap was operated automatically by the machine to refill the 10 ml syringe from a burette or bag of stock analgesic solution. The final 'trick' of this machine was its ability to give taped voice prompts to the patient at pre-programmed intervals. It would periodically remind them that ' if they were in pain they should press the button, just once.' If they pressed the button it would inform them that it was giving them a dose of a strong pain - killer.

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