Cyprane Tec 3 vaporizer, sectioned
Visible are the precision milled rotary vale on the underside of the top, the cotton wicks lining both sides of a spiral copper tube, and the bimetallic strip within the bypass chamber. This vaporizer has an experimental pre "Selectatec" mounting devised (it is thought) in Cardiff.

Introduced in the late 1960s in response to criticism of the TEC 2, particularly thymol causing the operating spindle to stick, back pressure forcing saturated vapour back into the bypass chamber, and the high concentration at low flows were no longer desirable. Improvements included:

a) New rotary valve free to rise from body of vaporiser eliminating thymol deposit problems.

b) Increased tortuosity and higher resistance of channels prevented back pressure problems.

c) Bimetallic strip located in bypass chamber.

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