TEC 4 Vaporiser
The TEC 4 was introduced specifically for a top model BOC anaesthetic machine in the 1983 (Model 2000 from memory). It was a revamped TEC 3, but had several special features in response to problems with TEC 3s:

a) Internal baffle system to prevent contamination of the bypass chamber on tilting.

b) Safety interlock system for use on Selectatec back bar ensuring single vaporiser use only at any time.

As our TEC 4s are still giving sterling service we show a cutaway drawing from a Cyprane educational pack, together with the circuit diagram

Vaporiser keyed filling system: Introduced by Cyprane for the Tec 4 to prevent filling with the wrong agent. A special adapter fitted the bottles of the specified agent only, whilst the other end was keyed for specific same agent vaporisers.

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