TEC 5 and 7 Vaporisers
The TEC 5 was a new design introduced in 1989 responding to criticism of the TEC 4, particularly difficulty in operation one-handed, poor performance and yearly service interval. Main features were:

a) Bypass chamber moved to the base, containing an improved bimetallic strip.

b) Improved response to fluctuating back pressure.

c) Improved scale at lower concentrations.

d) Volatile agent capacity increased from 125 ml to 300 ml.

e) One-handed dial control and more obvious 'off' position.

f) Improved safety interlock.

g) Service interval now three yearly.

h) Tubular woven cotton wicks gave improved characteristics.

Production was transferred from Yorkshire, UK to Madison, WI, USA by Ohmeda in 1996.

The TEC 7, an improved version of the TEC 5 was introduced in July 2002 by Datex-Ohmeda in Madison, USA, using similar workings and hence the same internal drawing.
Modifications include:

a) "Easy-fil" filler mechanism

b) New ergonomics and design

c) Planned factory service free

d) Simplified filler mechanism

e) Soldered sump assembly eliminating seals

f) Improved sight glass design

g) Clear agent colour identification

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