Mapleson D Breathing System

Mapleson E Breathing System Ayre's T-Piece

Ayre's T-piece with Jackson Rees Modification

Ayre's T-Piece

Humphrey ADE Breathing Circuit Block

Ruben & Ambu Valves

Enderby Scavenge Valve

Mitchell Tracheal Cuff Inflator

Oxford Inflator and Charles Airway Cap

Regulator and Flowmeter

Framed Prototype of the LMA

Framed Early Vellacott Endobronchial Tube

Early DA Certificate

Early FFARCS Certificate

Schroeder Steerable Intubating Stylet

Endurance Reducing Valve

Gordon's Endotracheal Flange

BOC Bosun Oxygen Failure Warning Device

Beaver Inflating Valve

Adams Reducing Valve

Charles King Soda Lime Cannister

Stephenson Minuteman Resuscitator

Various Endotracheal Tube Connectors

Bourne's Flexible Endotracheal Tube Guard and Owen Flood's Safety Endotracheal Tube Adaptor

MC Mask

Early Venturi Mask


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