Dr. James "Jake" Johnston

Anaesthesia 1951

ENT Anaesthesia

Sheffield Neurosurgical Unit 1971 (Cape Ventilator)

Anaesthetic Chart, First CPB Case Sheffield

Jud Chesterman's Mitral Valve

Royal Infirmary Sheffield, 1959

Royal Infirmary Sheffield, 1974

October 1st 1989 First Cardiac Transplantation in Sheffield

The Junior Anaesthetic Staff at the Northern General Hospital September 1969

First Use of Ether in Sheffield

Crookes Transfuser
Dr. Margaret Miller

Dr. Gerry Weston


Dr. Macaura's Blood Circulator

Jannsen PCA Machine

Horse Hair Sutures

Vortex Tube

A-C-T Transfusion Regulator

Martin Pump

Sellick's Siphon
Forreger "Bubble Through" Ether Vaporiser

"Anaesthesia Total" Baton

Penlon Tracheostomy Kit

Macintosh and Pasks Dropper

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