Cyprane Draw-Over TEC Vaporiser

Ohio Sidearm Verni-Trol

BOC Halox Vaporiser and Calculator

Boyles Bottle Back Bar

MIE Halothane 4 Vaporiser

Trilite Pocket Trilene Vaporiser

Ohio Number 8 Bottle Vaporiser

Bellamy Gardner Wire Masks and Dropper

Selectatec Back Bar

Selectatec SM

Steam Inhaler

Collison Inhaler

Oxford Vaporiser

Mitchell and Miller Mackay Induction Unit (Ethyl Chloride 1940s)

East-Radcliffe Humidfier

Tudor Edwards Nasal Oxygen Spectacles

Ritson-Rowling CO2 Absorber

Allen and Hanbury's Ether Bottle

Dr. Caux Gas and Air Mask with Teter Door

Silk's Pattern Ether Inhaler (Celluloid)

Hughes Ether Inhaler (Chrome Wire Mask), and Schimmelbusch Mask

Adult and Paediatric Masks, Similar to Kochers

Ogston Mask with Schimmelbusch Frame

Yankauer Mask

Goldman's Vinesthene

Goldman Vinesthene Drip Feed Attachment

Ether Vaporiser

McKesson Ether Vaporiser

Goldman Vaporiser

Draeger Vapor Vaporiser 1960s

Hewitt Ether Inhaler

Bellamy Gardner Mask with Ogston Frame

Trilene Ampoules

McKesson Vaporiser

EMO Vaporiser

EMO Vaporiser (Sectioned)

Penlon Abingon Vaporiser

Triservice Version of the Oxford Miniature Vaporiser (OMV Fifty)

Fluotec Mark 2

Cyprane TEC 3 Vaporiser

TEC 4 Vaporiser

TEC 5 and 7 Vaporisers

TEC 6 Vaporiser

Draeger 19n Vaporiser

Horstmann Gear Prototye Vaporiser

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