McKesson Anaesthetic Machines
Elmer McKesson of Toledo, Ohio perfected the intermittent flow anaesthetic machine, designed particularly for dental surgery use. The Model G dates from 1920. Sadly the rubber gas storage bags originally within the fishnet containers, have perished. Hill Brothers of Hull imported these machines to the UK. In 1947 a UK factory was established in Eckington, Sheffield to manufacture McKesson machines for the UK market. The "Simplor" model was built there in 1948. A later version was the "Anaesthesor", with the head enclosed in a sloping cabinet. These were manufactured in Sheffield from 1954. The displayed model "900" series is of a type introduced in 1961, and this machine was donated by the McKesson company to Prof Paul Bramley in 1965 for training dental students in out patient dental anaesthesia.

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