Dr. Margaret Miller

Dr. Margaret Miller died suddenly on the 2nd of January 1996 at the age of 57, just two days after assuming her role as chairman of the British Horse Society Endurance Riding Group.

Margaret began endurance riding in 1977 when her appointment as a Consultant Anaesthetist allowed her more time for riding. Since then she has competed on numerous horses and last season was bringing on two more young hopefuls. She was elected to the group's executive committee in 1982. Her fellow members will remember her for her clear thinking, unstinting hard work and witty sense of humour.

Paying tribute to his successor the retiring chairman, Roger Heely said: "It is tragic that Margaret should die within a few hours of taking office, having served on the committee for the past 13 years. She played an active role on the international scene and with her husband Stuart, organised several rides every year in Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Margaret will be missed by all of us and fondly remembered by her friends in endurance riding."

Margaret's love of horses began as a child when she showed pit ponies in the summer. Her commitment to endurance riding carried through to international level when she took on the task of British team manager for several seasons. She was always supported by the encouragement of her husband, who also served on the group in several capacities.

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