CAT (Committee of Anaesthetists in Training)

CAT exists to provide both social and educational welfare for the trainee anaesthetists in the North Trent Region. It is run by the trainees, for the trainees.

We meet formally on the last Thursday of every month. Issues and topics relevant to training and education are discussed formally followed by a more social and relaxed meeting, often in a local pub.

CAT also has representatives on local committees involved in training (eg the allocation commitee and NTRAEC - North Trent Regional Anaesthetic Education Committee).

Guest speakers and representatives are invited on a monthly basis to talk to us about issues or new products.

Larger more formal social events are also arranged including the annual CAT Ball in the summer.

Annual CAT Scientific Meeting

All trainees are given a chance to submit their audit and research activities to be presented at the annual scientific meeting. This is an excellent opportunity to see what is going on in the region and stimulates interest in research/audit. There is a prize for the best project and for the best poster presentation.

CAT Website


South Yorkshire Hospitals Audit and Research Collaboration

Sharc is a new network of trainees organised by Drs Matt Faulds, Kris Bauchmueller, Jon Rosser and Duncan Miller.

They are focused on delivering high quality audit, service evaluations and research in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine throughout South Yorkshire and beyond…

They aim to provide:
- equity for participation — if you're involved, you get recognised
- help to get your projects done — you could lead or participate in projects
- powerful CV material
- involvement in regional, multi-regional and national projects (see NIAA article)
- access to portfolio research