Less Than Full Time Training

If you would like to train in Sheffield but have “well founded reasons” for not being able to train full time (usually family related) then we have places for Less Than Full Time (LTFT) or flexible training.

This usually involves working 50% or 60% of full time with proportionate on call duties. Slot sharing (working opposite another LTFT trainee) is the preferred method rather than being supernumary.

If you are considering LTFT training it is important to contact the Training Programme Director at the earliest opportunity. There is only limited funding for this so the places are prioritised and allocated based on need.

Dr Ruth Groves is the Flexible Training Adviser for the School, she provides help and support with matters relating to flexible training and advice on careers progression in less than full-time posts. Dr Carolyn Evans is the Bernard Johnson Advisor for Flexible trainees at the Royal College.